Surgical Procedures

Gynecological Cosmetic Surgery or Vaginal Rejuvenation

The intimate area also requires care, after pregnancy, weight loss, anatomical conditions, pelvic tissue, vaginal canal, lips and outside of the vagina may lose tone or develop scarred tissue that bothers at sexual intercourses.

Everything can be solved, from the functional to the aesthetic, overhauling the pelvic wall to improve the tone, removing scars and molding the vaginal external area, correcting the excess tissue in the mouth or generating volume in this area. All this to ensure that the inner beauty is important part of female sexuality.

The aim of this treatment involves the replacement of tissues and structures of the pelvic floor to anatomically correct address, usually lost or modified by obstetrician surgery. Reconstructive surgery can be performed with or without laser technology.

Cirugía Ginecológica Estética o Rejuvenecimiento Vaginal​

Rejuvenation aims to correct scarring and mucosal areas often generate secondary displacements disorders such as irritation or burning, appropriate for the further development of sexuality.

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