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¿Do you hide your abdomen

¿Do you hide your abdomen due to fibrosis or irregularities?

due to fibrosis or irregularities?

Get to know the different liporegulation technologies

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What is liporegularization or lipotech?

Lip regularization is a method by which fibrosis generated by previous surgeries can be REDUCED; it can be carried out using different technologies such as ULTRA Z, SONOCA, and VASER.

These are devices that use ultrasonic energy or ultrasound waves to destroy fat, turning it into a liquid that can be subsequently aspirated or removed from the body. Unlike classic liposuction/ liposculpture, which involves breaking down fat with a cannula for suction afterward, while satisfactory results can be achieved, these new technologies bring more benefits, better outcomes, and improved patient recovery.


1Reduce la Inflamacion.jpg

Reduces inflammation

2. Reduce los Hematomas.jpg

Diminishes bruising

3 Menor Sangrado.jpg


4 Menor Flacidez.jpg

Decreases skin laxity

5 Post Operatorio.jpg

Faster postoperative recovery

6 Menor trauma en el Paciente.jpg

Minimizes trauma to the patient

7 Protege el tejido.jpg

Protects body tissues and blood vessels

8 Mejora el Proceso Cicatrizacion.jpg

Enhances the healing process

Among other advantages


This German device destroys fat cells through ultrasonic waves. Its objective is to liquefy the fat in the exposed area and destroy adipocytes, transforming them from a solid to a liquid state for subsequent extraction. Ultrasonic liposuction is ideal for treating areas with fibrosis secondary to other procedures, managing fibrosis, and removing biopolymers.

Despues fibrosis 1.jpg

Ultra Z

This device is ideal for patients who have had unsuccessful liposculptures and present skin with fibrosis and irregular areas. This technology is one of the most modern for liposculpture, based on ULTRASONIC LIPOSIS. It is a state-of-the-art technology that combines ultrasonic energy and radiofrequency. This combination allows the destruction of fatty tissue, turning it into a fine liquid that can be suctioned more quickly and without damaging adjacent tissues.

Did you know?

In 2009, a retrospective study was conducted that evaluated techniques and complications related to liposuction. Among its findings, post-surgical fibrosis was present in 2.3% of the patients.

Post-surgical fibrosis is the development of fibrous tissue caused by abnormal/excessive tissue healing. It occurs in the abdomen, inflamed areas, or visible irregularities. It can be caused by poor patient healing, as the patient may not have followed recommendations, including post-surgical massages that help drain fluid properly and prevent such complications. It is also advisable, when undergoing liposuctions, to seek the assistance of a qualified professional, as the use of technology is crucial for optimal results.

¿What makes us different?

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My extensive experience as a surgeon. I have performed over 60,000 procedures.
Additionally, my human qualities and special care towards our patients.
We identify your needs with discernment.

Quality teams and state-of-the-art technology, ensuring the safety and good results of our patients

Comprehensive support throughout your process.

Quality teams and state-of-the-art technology, ensuring the safety and good results of our patients

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Dr. Pedro Dueñas

Specialist in Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, MsC, PhD

I am Dr. Pedro Alonso Dueñas, graduated as a Physician and Surgeon from Universidad del Valle in 1998. Throughout my career, I have specialized in General Surgery and I have completed postgraduate studies in Aesthetic Medicine, as well as a master’s degree in Aesthetic Surgery at the IESM University in Mexico.

Currently, I have the privilege of leading as Surgical Medical Director the Clínica Dalí group, an institution specialized in providing care to patients who wish to undergo plastic and aesthetic surgeries. During my tenure at this clinic, I have performed more than 60,000 procedures, taking advantage of the most advanced technology available. This innovative approach has generated highly satisfactory results for our patients.

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Achievements and Recognitions

At this moment, I am in the process of pursuing a PhD in Biomedical Sciences at the Universidad del Valle. I have always maintained a firm commitment to the integral wellbeing of my patients and I constantly seek to improve their quality of life.

My main goal is to provide my patients with all the necessary information and offer them the best possible care. In addition, I make sure that the clinic has complementary services that contribute to provide an ethical and quality service in a pleasant environment.

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Clinical Lodging

We care about you and all your care. We provide accompaniment and transfer from the Alfonso Bonilla Aragón airport to our reserved place for post-surgical care.

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Cutting edge technology

We have modern equipment for state-of-the-art surgical procedures

lipectomia tummy tuck make mommy dr pedri duenas cali panama california new york canada cirugia corporal en cali estetica cintura abdomen
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Medical Tourism

Colombia is qualified as a world-class tourist destination and is recognized as the main place in Latin America for health tourism. We accompany you throughout the process.

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Common Questions ​

Yes, it is possible, considering that each case is different. You should attend an assessment appointment and follow medical recommendations.

You should wait 6 months for a second intervention.

You should undergo the usual pre-surgical tests before any surgery.

Yes, it is essential to undergo massages after each intervention.

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