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After becoming a mother,
Do you have flaccidity in your abdomen, extra fat deposits, have you lost shape and firmness in your breasts?

¡The mommy makeover! It's a complete package to give a 180 degree turn to your body after becoming a mom.

We are located in Cali, Colombia

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After giving birth you need to regain your figure. Diets and exercise are often not enough, it is a slow process and the desired results are not always obtained.

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The result of the abdomen is what worries women the most, and 87% of women say that they still had not recovered the shape and size of the abdomen between 1 and 2 years after giving birth.

It is entirely possible to fully recover muscle tone, but it will take at least 6-12 months and a lot of physical exercise.

42% of mothers exceeded the limit of 16 kg recommended by gynecologists.

The more weight you gain during pregnancy, the more difficult it will be to lose all the excess weight.

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What is Mommy Makeover?

“Mommy Makeover” is a well-known term for a series of customized cosmetic surgical procedures that are intended to help a woman reverse the typical effects of childbirth and facial and body aging, as well as restore or enhance her pre-pregnancy appearance.

Some of the common procedures in the Mommy Makeover are abdominoplasty, to reconstruct the abdomen and repair muscles; a breast augmentation with or without a breast lift, to lift sagging breasts or replace lost fullness; and liposuction, to restore body contour.

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Improve your self-esteem

Regain your self-confidence by feeling safe and comfortable with your body, thanks to our Mommy Makeover.

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Recover your figure

Show off your pre-pregnancy figure again or even improve it even more with our help.

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Eliminates flaccidity

Eliminates sagging and abdominal fat, commonly affected after pregnancy, for a firmer and more toned abdomen.

Rejuvenate your breasts

Transform your breasts, giving them a more youthful and attractive appearance that will make you feel more confident.

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Transform your intimate life

Increase confidence in your physical appearance and improve your sexual life with the help of our Mommy Makeover.

Did you know that, in just one surgical procedure, you can achieve your desired body?



It is possible to lift the sagging breast after pregnancy and breastfeeding to restore its original shape or opt for a breast augmentation that fills the volume of excess skin.



It aims to restore firmness to the abdomen, eliminating skin folds and fat bags, and tightening the muscles, even taking the opportunity to remove the scar caused by a caesarean section by changing it for a more aesthetic one.



The fat is removed, but it has no effect on the distension of the skin or muscles. Hence the recommendation to combine it with an abdominoplasty in order to sculpt the waist and abdomen. Fill the volume of excess skin.


Procedures performed

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Procedures performed

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Dr. Pedro Dueñas

Specialist in Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, MsC, PhD

I am Dr. Pedro Alonso Dueñas, graduated as a Physician and Surgeon from Universidad del Valle in 1998. Throughout my career, I have specialized in General Surgery and I have completed postgraduate studies in Aesthetic Medicine, as well as a master’s degree in Aesthetic Surgery at the IESM University in Mexico.

Currently, I have the privilege of leading as Surgical Medical Director the Clínica Dalí group, an institution specialized in providing care to patients who wish to undergo plastic and aesthetic surgeries. During my tenure at this clinic, I have performed more than 60,000 procedures, taking advantage of the most advanced technology available. This innovative approach has generated highly satisfactory results for our patients.

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Achievements and Recognitions

At this moment, I am in the process of pursuing a PhD in Biomedical Sciences at the Universidad del Valle. I have always maintained a firm commitment to the integral wellbeing of my patients and I constantly seek to improve their quality of life.

My main goal is to provide my patients with all the necessary information and offer them the best possible care. In addition, I make sure that the clinic has complementary services that contribute to provide an ethical and quality service in a pleasant environment.

TELEMEDICINE - Connected to you and your well-being

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Clinical Lodging

We care about you and all your care. We provide accompaniment and transport from the Alfonso Bonilla Aragón airport to our reserved place for post-surgical care.

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Cutting edge technology

We have modern equipment for state-of-the-art surgical procedures.

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Medical Tourism

Colombia is qualified as a world-class tourist destination and is recognized as the main place in Latin America for health tourism. We accompany you throughout the process.

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We are located in Cali, Colombia


Frequently Asked Questions

The abdomen and breasts are treated.

Yes, all three procedures are performed in the same surgery.

It is possible to have children again, however, you should keep in mind that after pregnancy your body will present changes, such as breast enlargement due to breastfeeding and the abdomen stretching due to the baby’s growth.

No, it would not affect the results. Since it can be reconstructed and generate a more aesthetic scar (thin and fine).

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