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Are you experiencing the consequences of biopolymers?

Regain your health and aesthetics.

What does the removal of biopolymers involve?

It is a palliative surgery that aims to REDUCE the volume of polymer, liquid silicone, and methyl methacrylate from the skin, fat, and muscle without removing normal fatty tissue. The goal is to safeguard the patient’s health since biopolymers are substances NOT compatible with the body and can have serious consequences. At the same time, in some cases Dr. Pedro Dueñas does a lift to upgrade the patient´s esthetic. We do a technique with the use of technology, esthetic incisions, each case requires a previous evaluation.

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95% of individuals affected by biopolymers in Colombia are women.


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Alleviates symptoms associated with the injection of biopolymers, such as joint pain in the vicinity, lumps in the injected or nearby area, changes in skin color from red to purple, or inflammation in the buttocks. As well as fever, widespread pain, fatigue, discomfort, and depression.
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Reduces the risk of long-term complications such as chronic infections or deformities.

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Improves the patient’s physical appearance, aesthetics, and self-esteem.

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Prevents the development of the Asia syndrome, and diseases such as leukemia, granulomas, necrosis, and embolisms.

Among others.


Procedures performed

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Procedures performed

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¿What makes us different?

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Dr. Dueñas has a lot of experience, and he uses the best technology in his surgical procedures.
Aesthetic scar, this also depends on the patient and their care.
Compliance with safety and quality standards.

Did you know?

Through Law 2316 of 2023, an entire regulatory framework is established to protect victims of biopolymers in the country.

In 2022, the Colombian Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery conducted a systematic investigation on the subject. A total of 11 studies from Springer, ScienceDirect, and Google Scholar databases were included. Results indicate that women are the most affected by the use of biopolymers. The most common complications include granulomas, hyperpigmentation, erythema, substance migration, and, in severe cases, pulmonary embolism. Treatment typically involves initial antibiotic therapy, with surgical removal of the shaping substance as a common procedure.

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Dr. Pedro Dueñas

Specialist in Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, MsC, PHD(c)

I am Dr. Pedro Alonso Dueñas, graduated as a Physician and Surgeon from Universidad del Valle in 1998. Throughout my career, I have specialized in General Surgery and I have completed postgraduate studies in Aesthetic Medicine, as well as a master’s degree in Aesthetic Surgery at the IESM University in Mexico.

Currently, I have the privilege of leading as Surgical Medical Director the Clínica Dalí group, an institution specialized in providing care to patients who wish to undergo plastic and aesthetic surgeries. During my tenure at this clinic, I have performed more than 60,000 procedures, taking advantage of the most advanced technology available. This innovative approach has generated highly satisfactory results for our patients.

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Achievements and Recognitions

At this moment, I am in the process of pursuing a PhD in Biomedical Sciences at the Universidad del Valle. I have always maintained a firm commitment to the integral wellbeing of my patients and I constantly seek to improve their quality of life.

My main goal is to provide my patients with all the necessary information and offer them the best possible care. In addition, I make sure that the clinic has complementary services that contribute to provide an ethical and quality service in a pleasant environment.

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Clinical Lodging

We care about you and all your care. We provide accompaniment and transfer from the Alfonso Bonilla Aragón airport to our reserved place for post-surgical care.

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Cutting edge technology

We have modern equipment for state-of-the-art surgical procedures.

lipectomia tummy tuck make mommy dr pedri duenas cali panama california new york canada cirugia corporal en cali estetica cintura abdomen
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Medical Tourism

Colombia is qualified as a world-class tourist destination and is recognized as the main place in Latin America for health tourism. We accompany you throughout the process.

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Common Questions

You should undergo a nuclear magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the affected area and any other tests your treating physician deems necessary.

Protrusions, irregularities, hematomas, inflammation, hyper- or hypo-pigmentations, ulcerations, necrosis, etc.

Its main symptom is redness of the area, accompanied by fever, deformities in the injected area, among others. Remember to consult with a specialist.

It has an approximate duration of 3 hours as minimum, for the buttocks.

It is done with the help of special equipment with ultrasonic energy, a liquefied substance is generated and it is extracted by direct vision or aspiration, removing as much of the product as possible without affecting tissues other than the site where the substance accumulated in the patient; by direct vision through open surgeries or by video endoscopy.

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