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Surgical Procedures
Biopolymer Extraction

Biopolymers are harmful materials that are injected into the subcutaneous tissue to increase volume and improve aesthetics. However, in the majority of cases, over time they can lead to deformities, infections, autoimmune reactions, localized reactions, alogenosis, among other issues, making their removal important.

The use of biopolymers or biogels can gradually cause deformities in patients, as well as trigger irregularities and toxic problems in the body.

extraccion biopolimeros


The extraction of biopolymers depends on the area where they are placed, such as in the face where minimal incisions are made to remove them, leaving the patient with only a small scar in some cases.

The area where biopolymers are mostly placed is in the gluteal region, Using special equipment (Soring) and ultrasonic energy based on liquefying the substance, the biopolymers are extracted, taking care not to affect other muscles of the patient. Alternatively, they can be removed through direct visualization during larger surgeries or through laparoscopy.

Unfortunately, biopolymers cannot be completely removed in a single session. It usually requires 2 or 3 additional sessions to remove the substance that is more mixed with the tissues and muscle. Imaging studies such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) are used to determine the extent of the biopolymers and identify which ones can be completely removed without affecting other areas.

extraccion de biopolimeros cali colombia

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