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Biopolymer Extraction

Biopolymers are harmful materials injected into the subcutaneous tissue to increase the volume and give a better aesthetic to gluteus, however, in most cases with time it generates deformities, infections, autoimmune reactions, localized reactions, allogenesis, among others; so, removal is important. The use of biopolymers or biogels with time causes deformities in patients who have them, in addition, irregularities and toxic problems are triggered in the body.

Extracción de Biopolímeros​


The Biopolymers Extraction will depend on the area where they were placed, such as the face, where minimal incisions are made to remove them, leaving the patient with only a small scar in some cases.

The area where biopolymers are mostly placed is in the buttocks where with help of special equipment (Soring), and ultrasonic energy based on liquefaction of the substance is extracted removing as much as possible without affecting other muscles of the patient, or by direct vision through large surgeries or laparoscopy.

Unfortunately, biopolymers cannot be removed entirety in a single consultation; 2 or 3 more sessions are required to remove the substance that mixes with tissues and muscles. For this reason, studies such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging are used to verify how far the biopolymers reach and which ones can be removed entirety without affecting other areas.


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