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Breast Prosthesis Explantation

Procedure in which breast implants are removed from a patient who has undergone augmentation mammoplasty, but no longer wishes to continue with her prostheses.

There are several reasons for making this decision which include

Explantación de Prótesis Mamarias​


This secondary procedure can be performed on a scheduled basis without major setbacks and therefore for recovering the shape with a volume change is an equally valid decision for her. The use of Lipotransfer (autologous fat) can increase breast volume and repair minor defects caused by tissue atrophy, however, it can never match the results with the shape and volume given by augmentation mammoplasty with implants.

If the skin is elastic and the explanted prosthesis are small, it could be possible to recover to some extent, the previous implant shape. But when these conditions do not exist, the subsequent uncontrolled scar retraction will cause the residual breast to wrinkle and/or deform in a non-aesthetic way. Therefore, the surgeon will recommend immediate reconstruction through a mastopexy, which in all patients will lead to a considerably smaller breast volume.

All capsules partially or totally extracted must be sent for pathological anatomic study to rule out malignant processes associated with the prosthesis. In most cases, explantation is performed under general anesthesia and on an outpatient basis. It requires pre-anesthetic evaluation and pre-surgical laboratories as in the initial surgery.

Explantación de Prótesis Mamarias​

The breast explant procedure is considered safe, but as in any surgery, the potential risks include bleeding, hematomas, infection, poor healing, seromas, thrombosis, among others; however, choosing a certified specialist, with experience in such surgery, a clinic endorsed by the regulatory entities and, above all, making an educated decision, will allow the whole process to run without major difficulties.

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