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Renuvion® (J-Plasma), a procedure that, through a small incision, using a special handpiece, stimulates collagen production and causes the skin to contract and tighten immediately. It is ideal for patients with moderate flaccidity.

As it is a high-precision technology, less aggression to the tissue is achieved, providing greater safety and less possibility of adverse events, with very satisfactory results. It is innovation with safety. The J-PLASMA is a device that does not cause aggression to the surrounding tissue.

It is possible to improve skin tone with small incisions without making skin cuts, which generate large scars.

Used immediately in surgical processes after liposuction, in patients with mild to medium skin tone, achieving skin tightening and body and facial rejuvenation, generating a radical but gentle effect on the tissue.

Skin tightening as independent or post liposuction treatment: abdomen, back, inner thighs, flanks, upper arms, jowls, neck and cellulite correction.



Powerful precision instrument designed for fat removal, the PAL®’s reciprocated cannulas glide through the tissue, reducing the amount of physical strain on the surgeon and surgery time.

    • Less bruising and patient inflation.
    • Less surgeon fatigues.
    • Speed in the procedure.

It is used in liposuction procedures on areas such as neck, hips, abdomen, arms and back. It helps to break fibrosis, undoes encapsulated fat (which has hardened after unsuccessful treatments as mesotherapy or cosmetic procedures of superficial office liposuction), allowing harmonious body contour, with less risk of irregularities and substantial decrease in bleeding.



Sonoca®, compact ultrasonic aspirator, allows fragmenting, emulsifying and simultaneously aspirate substances and fat from the tissue at the exact point where it contacts the tip of the probe.

It is ideal for Biopolymers removal, secondary liposculpture and patients with fibrosis.

*The extracted fat cannot be injected in any area of the body.

Devices – liposuction cannulas.

The device for ultrasonic assisted liposuction is a highly developed and technologically advanced device. It offers three different handpieces to suit the target areas of the surgery. Because ultrasound has proven to be bactericidal, post-operative infections will be reduced.

The philosophy technology concept is a trauma-free liposuction (soft and round ultrasound tips as by conventional cannulas), according to the ultrasonic precision, there is almost never a risk of damaging nerves, blood vessels or collagen structures, because the ultrasound effect only destroys tissue containing fluids (cavitation). These structures almost never absorb water; therefore, they are not primarily affected by ultrasound.

Ultrasound can accurately distinguish tissue types and destroy fat cells, within a physical process. This specific result could not be obtained with any other method. It destroys fat cells and they do not regenerate.

The ultrasonic generator is intended for Liposuction procedures and assists in the surgical process of Biopolymer removal and disposal.



The Fractional CO2 Laser is a revolutionary technique that allows treatments to be performed on skin superficial and others at greater depth, according on the results you want to be achieve.

The Fractional CO2 Laser is a device that emits a beam of infrared light controlled by a scanner, which penetrates skin in the form of deep thermal columns until it reaches the deep dermis. This device is capable of producing tissue ablation with minimal thermal injury, thanks to the combination of high energy densities and very short pulses.


Interchangeable laser parts for different areas.

Equipment which resurfacing (facial rejuvenation) is performed, stimulating the renewal superficial skin layer, in which the signs that tarnish its youth are found, such as spots, wrinkles and flaccidity, by regenerating and improving the production of collagen, creating retraction and correcting flaccidity.


The Fractional CO2 Laser exerts its effect on the water contained within the cells, heating the skin, inducing epidermal turnover, restructuring collagen and elastin fibers.


Each small beams of light penetrates the skin exerting its effect on columns of tissue that sometimes go from the deep dermis and are called micro-thermal treatment zones.

Minor pathologies treatments can be performed in the office under topical anesthesia, such as resection of small nevi, syringomas, xanthelasmas, keloid scars, acne and stretch marks.

Surgically satisfactory results are achieved with patients who need to improve eyelids tone and are not yet candidates for a blepharoplasty, and with Fractional CO2 Laser rejuvenation can be achieved in a very short time, without scars, bruises or long recovery periods. It can be done in a single session or in several, as required.

The first day you may feel swelling and discomfort, which is completely diminished after two days. The results are noticeable decreasing wrinkles on the forehead, between the eyebrows, eye contour, eyelids, decreasing sagging facial contour, neck and jowls, improves the appearance of cleavage lines, spots on the hands and closes enlarged pores, giving luminosity to the skin.




ULTRA-Z is designed to optimize each stage of LIPOSUCTION. With it, unwanted fat tissues are emulsified. We can observe during the procedure a fast recovery of the patient thanks to the minimized invasive procedure.

The cannulas used are suitable, because they have various diameters to treat all body areas, there are from 1.2 mm to 3.7 mm, which provide a tailored liposculpture for small volumes in complicated areas and a quick removal of large volumes of fatty tissue.

Cannulas with a variety of diameters from 1.2mm to 3.7mm.

The micro bubbles contained in the tumescent liquid previously infiltrated contract and expand until they explode when submitted to the ultrasound vibration, causing the adipocytes to dismember and separate from the adipose tissue, mixing with the tumescent liquid, causing the emulsification and when these fat cells are removed, they will be intact, to be reinjected in other areas.



Latest technology equipment
Retraction is a powerful intelligent radiofrequency device. Its versatility and minimal invasiveness allow to treat flaccidity in any part of the body, emulsify fat during liposuction, perform facelifts and intimately rejuvenate women.

Retraction produces thermal energy which is controlled in real time thanks to the sensors located in its cannulas. Its operating range is between 45-60 *C (add the circle above degrees) in a safe way, eliminating fat deposits and ensuring optimal results in treated areas.

The variety of cannulas allows to work thighs, buttocks, arms, neck, jowls, face, torso, among others.

3 different lengths cannulas, with status LED indicators, real-time thermal sensors and modern design with easy grip.
– SmarTraction (180mm cannula)
– LifTraction (80mm cannula)
– GTraction

Lifting and natural skin thightening

SmarTraction is ideal for moderately invasive procedures on facial, neck and jowl areas, for a perfect contouring on these areas.

LifTraction is one of the smallest skin retraction handpieces in the world, ideal for small areas such as nasolabial folds and cellulite dimples.

GTraction is the noblest and most revolutionary option for vaginal canal rejuvenation, from the first layer to the pelvic area, regenerating collagen and muscle elasticity of internal vaginal walls.

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